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About Us

Public Outreach specializes in direct fundraising on behalf of non-profit organizations. As a non-commission, third party fundraising organization, we specialize in acquiring monthly donors for various local, national, and international charities. We seek to connect with our communities and give voice to the invaluable work provided by these organizations, while simultaneously raising sustainable funding and awareness to enable their long-term success.
A great way to kick-start a career in fundraising, or within charities, is by starting on the front lines. By gaining this crucial and highly respected fundraising experience you will acquire a better understanding of the way charities work and of their specific needs. Many of our employees take advantage of this learning experience by enriching their skill set.
Not only is working with Public Outreach an excellent educational opportunity but working with us also benefits charities since many Professional Fundraisers continue their career in the charitable sector, and when a charity employee has a thorough understanding of fundraising and financial needs, the charities benefit.