Outline India

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About Us

Outline India is a research and development consultancy firm pioneering in the use of data for social impact. Based in Gurgaon, India, the company has a strong presence within the development sector in India, having worked across 23 states, and with data collected being representative of over 4 million people. 


At Outline India, our mission is to empower stakeholders in making data driven decisions. To this extent, we undertake extensive data collection and research at the ground level employing rigorous methodology, with quality checks at each stage to ensure that our data is robust, relevant, and reliable. This data then leads to the development of effective interventions, evaluations, or designing of programs for the client within the development sector seeking to directly impact people. 

Outline India therefore, provides developmental consultancy, strategic advisory services and policy support to national and state governments, international aid and donor bodies, and local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). We have in-depth experience of working across a diverse range of research projects, and primarily specialize in areas involving evaluating, designing, organizing, implementing and providing insights for effective policies, programmes and interventions.