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About Us

The Washington State Small Business Development Center (WSBDC) is a resource for expert advising, management training and market intelligence. With 25 offices and 29 advisors across the state, the SBDC provides community-based services to client businesses from the Canadian border to the Columbia River.

SBDC business advisors offer one-on-one confidential advising at no charge to help small to medium businesses make informed decisions in many areas of specialty and experience.

Vision: Together, the passionate, committed people of the WSBDC will set the standard for responsive, relevant and vital guidance to help entrepreneurs translate their visions into long-term success. As a dynamic partner in the small business community, we will energize Washington's economic engine for sustainable growth.


We are a network of professional advisors providing insight and solutions for the development and growth toward the long-term success of businesses


 “Do the Right Thing”

 We value adhering to the highest level of ethical conduct. This means that we value integrity--”walking your talk”—doing what we say we will do, keeping our promises and commitments. We believe the needs of our clients are our highest priority. We add value to our clients and stakeholders by ensuring that our advice is based upon understanding what is best for the client. We respect and guard the confidential nature of our work. Our ethical standards are expressed by adopting a caring attitude. This incorporates being sensitive to those who are different than we are and this is often expressed as “cultural sensitivity.”


“Learn and Grow”

 We are professionals. As professionals we value life-long learning, excellence and a commitment to continuous improvement through ongoing professional development in our field. We admit to our limitations and agree to seek assistance from others when necessary. We are self-starters and we value productivity as well as creativity and technology. While our work is important to us, we remember that a professional is a person as well. We respect the balance between work and personal life.


“Play Well With Others”

 We are accountable to each other, and as stewards of public resources and trust, take responsibility for the consequences of our actions. We collaborate within and outside our WSBDC network for the purpose of serving our clients and the network. We value mutually beneficial partnerships between clients, stakeholders and the WSBDC. We don’t compete unduly with the private sector.