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About Us

CSMI is an Education Management Organization (EMO) that provides education management services to charter schools, creating high quality education options for students in the most under-resourced and low performing districts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. By providing safe learning environments staffed with talented educators, state of the art equipment and facilities, extensive resources and management support, CSMI enables positive outcomes for students and prepares them for competitive secondary schools and colleges.

CSMI was founded on the belief that schools would perform better if educators were freed from non-academic responsibilities so they could focus exclusively on teaching and learning. CSMI provides educators with the extensive resources, training, curricula and equipment that support high levels of educational achievement. CSMI has grown to serve 3,200 students across four campuses in two states. The organization is focused on continually evolving its practice and services based on demand for better solutions and the most effective practices in education. The CSMI leadership team consists of business, law and education professionals with demonstrated track records of success, who are passionate about making a difference in education and in the lives of students.