Treatment Innovatioms

  • Massachusetts


28 Westbourne Road
Newton Centre
United States

About Us

Treatment Innovations ( has been in existence since the 1990s, with a primary focus on helping to improve mental health care. We provide research, training, consultation, and materials related to mental health counseling. Our project include a range of public-health oriented psychology projects related to training (we provide training for agencies all over the country and internationally to help improve care); research (we get grants to study the impact of our work); and development of resources (e.g., books, videos, and other materials). The job offers an opportunity to support our work in mission-oriented, high-impact projects that are designed to improve patient care. We have a social entrepreneurship focus, emphasizing projects that “do good and do well” – that help the world and also have business potential. We are a company with a lot of growth potential and a terrific track record.