Promethean Community LLC

  • District of Columbia


601 I Street Northwest
District of Columbia
United States

About Us

We help organizations engage communities in a transformative and sustainable way in Latin America & the Caribbean.

We want for communities to be the starting point to social development in Latin America and the Caribbean. We want their strengths, knowledge and particularities, not just their problems, to drive the process. This is only possible through transformative and sustainable community engagement.

Promethean Community helps organizations that drive social development reach a deep, transformative relationship with the community. We create processes that foster empathy and creativity in these organizations and the diverse stakeholders they work with, promoting transformative and sustainable community engagement. We have two ways of doing this:

  • We build capacities and train the teams that will carry out these processes with the community.


  • We facilitate interactive workshops that promote and strengthen the relationship between the organization, the community and other stakeholders within the framework of a project.

We seek to promote dialogue, trust and collaboration between organizations, communities and all kinds of local stakeholders. Our objective is to create the space in which the natural tension emerging from the emotions involved and the different points of view is transformed into collective action and innovation.

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