States Made & Knead Partners

  • California

About Us

States Made is a full-service merchandise partner for nonprofits, political campaigns and socially conscious businesses. We believe in the power of a well-designed t-shirt to raise vital funds and increase awareness of important issues. We create legitimate e-commerce businesses for each of our partners, using best practices for merchandising, marketing, UX and design. We specialize in creating USA-made and union printed goods, so we’re creating good jobs and ethical merch. We’re gearing up (little pun intended) for the 2018 midterms and are a key partner for many of the most inspiring progressive organizations.

Knead Partners is a social impact strategy consultancy focused on how collaboration and co-design can help orgs and teams bring large-scale impact initiatives to life. We pride ourselves on the “kneading” process of collaborative strategic thinking — the back and forth, push and pull, of creating, refining, and implementing ideas with a diverse group of people. We facilitate convenings, in-person workshops, and co-design sessions to include many voices and ideas in the thinking process, and provide strategic guidance on the design of new programs and initiatives. We have several large impact initiatives launching in 2019, and are looking for support during this critical formation process.

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