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About Us

About EdisonLearning
EdisonLearning works with educators and communities to improve public schools and boost student performance. The expertise and resources we bring to our partners were developed over nearly 20 years of hands-on experience servicing and operating schools in collaboration with districts, boards, and other authorities with whom we partner.

EdisonLearning is the only education company that works hand-in-hand with thousands of principals, teachers, students and families every day. We understand what it takes to make a difference for every student because we do it ourselves–from curriculum choices to professional development, staff recruitment to student behavior, community relations to enrollment, compliance to technology– and everything in between.

Innovation propelled by partnership
Our unparalleled commitment to innovation is founded in our collaborative approach and exclusive array of end-to-end academic solutions for Pre-K – 12 education. Powered by ongoing research, rigorous field-based evaluations, and proactive business strategies, our extensive portfolio has grown to address the changing needs of educators.