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About Us

Each organization, like an individual, has a core "Soul" that helps guide their decision-making. Many times, organizations have lost their way and are in chaos, crisis and confusion. They have moved away from this core essence and struggle to have clarity, commitment and excitement in how to move forward. Mosaic Consulting and Coaching helps facilitate that re-connection to that core and in the process brings the organization back to its true purpose in the market.

As CEO and Principal Consultant, I have had the honor of serving in many capacities in my professional life – Certified Soul Coach, Consultant, Executive Director, Executive level Philanthropy, Sales Executive, Human Resources Manager, Corporate Trainer and Community Builder. It is this mosaic of experiences from on-the-ground organizer to board room leader that I want to bring to the public benefit sector and businesses. Bringing together a mosaic of talent is also the approach to our work that brings all the right people together in service to the client.We offer:

*Assisting individuals and organizations re-connect to their internal wisdom that usually has been lost because the chaos and confusion of our lives, the environment we live and work in and non-alignment with our values.

*Executive Leadership – CEO and Board of Directors Coaching, Senior Team Development, Executive Transitions/Search and Board retreats

*Organizational Development – Culture alignment, Strategic planning, Assessment and Team Building

*Coaching for Life and Organizational Transitions – Retirement, New Role and Personal Effectiveness

* Human Resources consultation - HR Practices Assessment, Performance Management, Recruiting/Orientation, HR Policy/Procedures, Employee Handbook and other key areas