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As a strategic storyteller, I write stories that communicate results and impact for both businesses and nonprofit organizations. Engage your customers and donors with targeted stories that show what you do, what you believe and why you are the best.

I write feature stories, newsletter content, website stories, blog posts and social media content about programs, products and services. I tell stories about your the clients whose lives you have changed.

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I can train your staff to develop strategic stories that communicate your organization’s values and results. I provide training on the following topics: business writing basics; strategic content development; storytelling for grants, proposals, and annual reports; interviewing techniques; and writing for blogs, websites, and social media.


With my coaching services, you will be held accountable for setting and meeting your personal writing goals. These weekly check-ins provide accountability and the four-week session includes feedback on 10 pages (nonfiction work only) and assessment of an article pitch or nonfiction submission cover letter. Get more info about coaching here.