Goldstein and Feuer

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About Us

Community-based law office, representing non-profits, tenants, consumers and employees.  We Fight Evil -- Always Have, Always Will!

Our commitment to our clients -- tenants, employees, consumers, non-profits, social service and arts organizations, and small businesses -- is informed by our progressive politics. If you are a tenant, a worker, a non-profit corporation, a small business owner or a consumer, if you wish to co-own a residence, start your first business or non-profit agency, or if you have been the victim of employment discrimination, lead paint poisoning, employer electronic snooping, a consumer rip-off or other corporate greed, we would be privileged to represent you.

As progressive lawyers, we are sensitive to the concerns of the communities in which we live and work, and we understand the role of the law in the wider context of the political and economic issues with which we all struggle. We are dedicated to providing  professional services and vigorous advocacy, within the framework of progressive ethical and community values.