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About Us

Kainos Consulting is dedicated to providing nonprofit organizations and small business with help in accomplishing its Mission and Vision and living out its Values.


Robb Zarges brings 22 years of nonprofit management experience as an Executive Director and teaches Nonprofit Management at Clark University.


Kainos Consulting helps organizations achieve its strategic objectives through:


  • Strategic planning-Putting executable plans to the Mission and Vision of the organization so that every staff person knows how their work is fulfilling the objectives of the organization.Kainos can help you develop a 3-5 year strategic plan with objectives and implementation plans.
  • Board Development-Recruiting, training and building a strong board is critical to strong governance and support for the senior management.Kainos can work with senior leaders and board members to help boards be more effective and have members better enjoy their board service.
  • Organizational Development and Change- Organization Development is an effort (1) planned, (2) organization-wide, and (3) managed from the top, to (4) increase organization effectiveness and health through (5) planned interventions in the organizations “processes,” using behavioral-science knowledge. Change can be hard for organizations.Kainos can help you manage change in a way that invites maximum commitment from staff and clients.
  • Organizational Culture-While Vision and Mission are the “what” your organization does, Culture is the “how” you do it and how you treat each  other and your constituents.Kainos can help you examine if the organization is living out its values and how to align the behavior of the organization with the espoused values.
  • Outcomes Measurement-The process of measuring the effectiveness of your programs and interventions in accomplishing the mission.  Increasingly funders are expecting measurable results from their investment.Kainos can help you create a Theory of Change and design measurable outcomes to tell your story in a quantitative and qualitative way that will attract more donors, inform current donors and allow senior management to assess the effectiveness of strategies.
  • Program Evaluation-How do you know your programs are meeting the objectives they are designed to reach?  Are you clients getting the best from you?  Program evaluation will give you insight to how you can best use the limited resources you have to make a difference int he world.Kainos can help you design an annual evaluation strategy to assess the impact of your programs and interventions.
  • Fund development-More Mission = More Money.  Development program takes planning, execution and follow up.Kainos can help you design a fund development plan that is tied to your strategy plan and support the organization in growing its impact.
  • Executive Transitions- Most organizations face some transition in the senior leadership and often need help navigating this disruptive process.Kainos can provide Interim leadership and help organizations find the best leadership possible to take the organization to the next chapter.
  • Program design- Well planned and executed programs are the bedrock of mission accomplishment.Kainos can help you design programs for maximum impact and mission fulfillment.