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About Us

I am a consultant and writer who helps nonprofits and small businesses successfully navigate change & growth with excellence so that they can make a CAN DO kind of difference

Coridan Consulting provides tools, skills and resources that guide and support nonprofits and small business through successful change and growth – with excellence.

At the core of my business is my firm conviction about our need to build and promote a CAN DO approach and culture within the nonprofit and small business communities.

Are you a small business or nonprofit leader who wants:

  • customers and clients that are grateful you are there?
  • to move away from a negative work environment?
  • a trusted leader during transition?
  • more motivated managers?
  • less employee turnover?
  • better communication with staff and clients?

I CAN help you DO that with training, writing and Interim Executive services customized to meet your needs.

Using a customized, personal approach, Coridan Consulting focuses with you on what you CAN DO to provide service with excellence to:

  • Build – and keep – positive momentum
  • Support your employees, especially your managers to stay motivated and motivate others
  • Effectively communicate your message to multiple audiences
  • Strengthen and improve program, product or sales outcomes
  • Navigate transitions to create lasting, positive change & growth