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Cape Town
South Africa

About Us

Here at Volunteer World International, we are looking to change the concepts behind ethical and sustainable volunteering and are based 100% in the country we know and love, South Africa.

To provide the most enriching volunteer experience possible, we give our volunteers the opportunity to pick from our catalog of amazing experiences or create their own tailor made experience with endless possibilities. Once we have listened to our volunteers requirements, we are then perfectly structured to be able to apply in-country specific knowledge to create and bring to you the perfect bespoke experience that fulfils every experience you could possibly be dreaming of! This also ensures that our projects receive the highest quality of volunteer, interested, keen and motivated to make a difference!

Other volunteer agencies may claim to know the product they are selling and being of most benefit to their projects, being based solely in the country of your visit, working closely with and understanding how our projects work and interact - we are one of the very few though that can guarantee we are in a position to achieve this.

We do not pay out a cent from our volunteers contributions to fund expensive and unnecessary local booking offices and staff or to employ in-country managers at the destination point for your visit meaning we guarantee highest possible funding and benefit to our partners vs our competitors. Our strength and ability comes from our reputation and extensive contact network within South Africa which enables us to bring you, the volunteer, everything you could dream of whilst at the same time providing maximum benefit to the good cause you are visiting.

We do what we know, understand and have immense knowledge of - South Africa, bringing maximum possible benefit to both our volunteers and our projects!

In short - Volunteer World International are committed to providing highest the possible levels of funding and support to the partners, NPOs and Charities with whom we work through volunteer tourism.

Our program providers are sourced utilsing our in depth local knowledge of South Africa and we guarantee the sustainability, genuine purpose and ethicality of all of our volunteer projects to ensure our volunteers leave South Africa knowing they have made a real and genuine difference.

Be it community volunteering, marine or terrestrial programs, we guarantee not only that our volunteers will have a life changing experience, we also guarantee highest possible support and funding is received by the program!