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About Us

Lead to Succeed is a youth leadership development program in which college students are trained to lead teams of high school students in high impact service‐learning projects that support local non‐profit organizations.

Our Mission is to develop fresh talent for both the workforce and for the community. We do this by engaging students in service-learning projects that also teach critical employability skills and expose our youth to the jobs that will be needed most.

Our high school and college students work closely with education, business and community leaders to design custom projects from start to finish using our Five Phase Integrated Approach in which students (1) are introduced to the program, (2) research the issue related to their project, (3) learn how the project is related to careers and post secondary education, (4) plan/execute the project, then (5) reflect and celebrate success.

This innovative program adapts to meet the need of emerging and dynamic industries by building a strong network of high schools, colleges, non-profit organizations, and businesses that work together to invest in the community using an asset building approach to accomplish the program goals:

· Develop leadership and teamwork skills in our youth

· Expose students to the careers and skills employers most demand

· Engage students in their current learning and in planning for their future

· Encourage post-secondary education access and success

· Create responsible citizens and community leaders

OurVision is that someday:

  • ALL graduating high school students in the Milwaukee 7 Region will be well informed about the educational and career opportunities that Southeastern Wisconsin has to offer and can make educated decisions about their future.
  • Business, community and educational leaders will work together to best prepare our youth for their future success and for the jobs of tomorrow.
  • Our students, especially those who are most vulnerable, will feel empowered to make a difference in their own lives and in their own community. Moreover, they will understand the civic duty they each possess to better the lives of those around them.