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Monthly Management Services

Your situation: You’re happy with your part time bookkeeper/admin but would like the comfort of an expert to assist & review their work.

Our Role: We take complete responsibility that everything is being done correctly.

The main components are:
Record: Additional items & Journal Entries or make updates to your Chart of Accounts
Review: CPA review of all the work of your bookkeeper/accountant
Reconcile: As an additional control check we perform the bank reconciliations
Reports: Please see our Enhanced Reporting for a list of advanced reports.

Advantage: Since we do your bank rec & journal entries your bookkeeper doesn’t have to. Saving you the hours they would bill you for.

Collaborative Controller Service Includes all Month End Review & Enhanced Reporting

Your Situation: You currently don’t have a qualified member of staff to handle accounting

Our Role:We give you all the control but take all responsibility that everything gets done. We will coordinate with that designated person and take complete ownership that everything is being done timely and correctly. Through the collaborative controller services we provide the training and supervision of an internal administrative staff member, who does not necessarily require an accounting background, to perform day-to-day accounting operations.

Advantage:You don’t need to spend money on a part time bookkeeper. We will train any new designated person on an ongoing basis

Controller Accounting Service Includes all Month End Review & Enhanced Reporting

Your Situation:You don’t have an Accountant/Bookkeeper or would like to reduce/replace their workload to save money or promote them to a different role.

Our Role: We perform all your Accounting & Regulatory Functions.

Advantage: We generally save our nonprofit clients $1000-$2000 per month.
Our CPA can visit your office or attend any Board Meeting if requested