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About Us

At 590films, we create the stories that help organizations and companies do great things. Whether you want to raise a million dollars, reach more people, or simply educate the world, we've got your back. We'll help you hone your message and tell your story in a way that grabs the heart and engages the mind. 

Digital storytelling to make the world a better place. 

We create marketing, branding and educational videos, as well as PSAs and commercials for leading socially responsible, educational and non-profit organizations. We believe that the heart of a good film is a story about people, a story we tell through beautiful images, thoughtful interviews, strong research, writing and editing. 

Scott Elliott is founder and creative director of 590films. He directs, shoots, edits 590films' projects and manages the team of freelancers, editors and producers who work with 590films. His documentary "Slumming It: Myth and Culture on the Bowery," about the history of the Bowery in New York City, aired on PBS in July 2005 on the series Reel New York. Scott's documentary, "Into the Gyre," about plastic pollution in the Atlantic Ocean, has won numerous awards at international film festivals, including Best Picture at the 2012 Scinema Festival of Science Film. He latest documentary si "The Trees," a film about the National September 11th Memorial. 

Julia Elliott (Scott's sister) is producer and writer at 590films. Her first film project was as co-writer and co-producer of the award-winning feature film "Windhorse," which tells the story of one Tibetan family's struggle under Chinese occupation. She also brings to 590films experience working on several nationally broadcast PBS documentaries: "This Far by Faith: African American Spiritual Journeys," "Race: The Power of an Illusion," :"The Supreme Court," and "The Old Man and the Storm." Her favorite 590films project was "Dreams," produced for the National Down Syndrome Society.

Some of our clients are The National Down Syndrome Society, the Bowery Mission, and StoryCorps.

In addition to our work with non-profit, educational, and sociallly responsible organizations, we also produce our own documntaries. Our films and radio pieces have aired on PBS, NPR and in theaters throughout the country.