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About Us

Our Vision -------------------------------

Our vision is a world in which there is plenty for everyone. There’s more to do – children to clothe, people to feed, diseases to cure, liberties to secure. And yet more than ever, the potential for profound transformation is within our reach. We believe that life is more than a zero-sum game. There is possibility all around us, waiting to be unlocked. We are abundance activators.

Our Team -------------------------------

Hearts on sleeves, shovels in hands. For nearly two decades our team has worked with nonprofits like yours to raise almost one billion dollars through peer-to-peer fundraising. Our team of seekers, thinkers, learners, analysts, and consultants developed the frameworks and methods used daily around the world to create impact from networks of people. We’d love to teach you how to do it too.

Our Focus -------------------------------

We help nonprofits create more from many by harnessing the potential of peer-to-peer fundraising. What do we mean by “more from many”? More constituents, more donations, more revenue, and ultimately, more mission impact. Peer-to-peer fundraising offers your nonprofit the potential to leverage large-scale networks on behalf of change. However, your existing stewardship and leadership models need to adapt to realize this potential. We help our clients create the strategy, programs, and skills to make the switch.

Our Method -------------------------------

We call our consulting services “intelligent peer-to-peer.” Intelligent peer-to-peer begins with clarifying the unique strategic position of your nonprofit — a clear way to articulate your impact. We then help you take that position and use analytics to map out the networks of constituents who care about your vision — or should. Once we understand the audience, we create campaigns to mobilize those networks, and then we ignite the knowledge and passion of your staff and volunteers to help you make it happen.