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About Us

About Global Philanthropy Group

Global Philanthropy Group advises the world’s leading philanthropists. We work with high net worth individuals, charitable foundations and corporations to design and implement highly-leveraged philanthropic strategies. Our management expertise and proprietary network of global experts help our clients achieve lasting, meaningful results.

Global Philanthropy Group’s experience encompasses pressing global issues including economic development, education, poverty, HIV/AIDS, disaster recovery and redevelopment, refugees, microfinance, water, global health, immigration, orphans, foster care, global trade, malnutrition, climate change, green building, malaria, conservation, crimes against humanity, genocide and childhood obesity.

Our Services

  • Research
  • Strategy Design
  • Project Management
  • Advocacy and Communications
  • Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Fundraising
  • Event Management
  • Partnership, Board and Staff Cultivation
  • Digital and Social Media Strategy & Management

We work on important issues during an exciting time. Philanthropy is growing at an unprecedented rate:

  • There are twice as many millionaires as existed in 1980
  • This new generation of philanthropists gives an average of two times more than earlier generations and is nearly twice as likely to give to organizations with an international focus
  • More private foundations have been formed in the past 10 years than during any similar period in history
  • Economists forecast that bequests totaling more than $10 trillion will be made to the next generation of Americans between 1990 and 2055
  • The 21st century will see the largest inter-generational transfer of wealth in history; between $40 and $130 trillion over a 50 year period

Our team is diverse, talented and experienced. We are passionately dedicated to improving the world and helping our clients achieve maximum impact with their philanthropic work. We offer the opportunity to work on important social problems in a dynamic, entrepreneurial, results-oriented environment.

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