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About Us

Why do we exist ?

  • In a world ever more conscious of the environmental impact of our behavior, there exists a need and desire to spread awareness of eco-conscious choices to consumers. Up to this point, this awareness has been largely spread through specialized news media and documentaries, missing a vast majority of the population.
  • So how do we reach the masses and influence their behavior towards healthier, more conscious choices?
  • We inspire ‘good’ consumer behavior by placing eco-conscious, fair trade, cruelty-free and healthy products and brands in popular movies and television shows. Further, as advertising decays as a reliable way to reach consumers due to DVR’s and internet viewing of content, brand integration become an increasingly viable method for brands to reach their customers.
  • The Entertainment Industry is going through a seismic shift with studios and networks scrambling to ‘green’ their productions and practices. This creates a culture of eco-consciousness in the Entertainment Industry that makes a services such as ours desirable and in demand.