Laterite Ltd.

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About Us

Laterite is a data, research and technical advisory firm that helps clients understand and analyze complex development challenges. Laterite uses the most rigorous data collection and analytic techniques to advise organizations and governments that work to achieve social and economic change. Laterite provides three types of services to its clients: i) comprehensive data collection and data processing solutions to clients; ii) the design, roll-out and analysis of large socio-economic research projects using the latest available methods and technology; and iii) strategic and technical advice to public and private sector clients on the design of policies and projects aimed at solving complex development problems. Laterite operates in Rwanda and Ethiopia, with the objective of bringing world-class research services to markets with a high growth potential.

Laterite is led by a team of young entrepreneurial professionals who see the opportunity to transform the way research is done. The research team has degrees from some of the world’s top universities, including Harvard University, Columbia University, University of California – Berkeley, MIT, London School of Economics, and Johns Hopkins University (SAIS) with vast experience working in development research in several countries. Our entire data collection team is recruited and trained from the best local universities in the countries we operate. Laterite is proud to be a culturally diverse organization with permanent staff from Rwanda, Mexico, Canada, Greece, Kenya, India and Spain. 

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