Human Capital Focus, LLC.

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About Us

Mission Statement/Business Purpose: Our mission is to provide high-quality forecasting, planning, and evaluation information to help businesses implement sound human capital plans and assist individuals in making wise career decisions.

  • We work with non-profit firms to identify the human capital components needed to reach current and future business goals.
  • We also partner with non-profit organizations to design human capital plans that are mapped to current and future business goals; and
  • Aid firms in implementing and evaluating their human capital plans.

Values: Our business goals are achieved by adhering to the following core values:

Credibility: Only well-established and verified sources of data are used in developing our analyses, and all sources are properly cited and referenced.

Integrity: We deliver on our promises and do not promise more than we can deliver.

Ethics: We do not take short-cuts that violate the law or skirt our obligations to our clients, partners, or other stakeholders.

Accountability: We stand by our services and information, and make business decisions through experience and good judgment.

Innovation: We are creative in delivering value to our clients and partners.

Responsible Citizenship: We enrich our community in meaningful and measurable ways.