Red Capes

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About Us

We raise money with non-profits using a crowdfunding/online fundraising contest platform. We can also help find sponsors and do a social media marketing promotion for you too. We help you get donations by monetizing your social media. We can also possibly find you passionate cause advocates who reach out to their social network and create local buzz for your organization too.

If you are familiar with Kickstarter or Indiegogo, we are similar and can offer individual companies/organizations to raise money as an individual and what sets us apart is the ability to raise money as a team in a friendly "co-opetition" where the top three to raise the most money win prizes!

This makes fundraising... fun!

There is no upfront cost and we create the contest for you! You just find the contestants and offer prizes. We have a backend fee of 10% of what is raised. We are 100% invested in your success. Your fee helps others also raise money so we are able to pay it forward.

Check out these 2 videos to understand what we do and to see if it resonates for you.

VIDEO 1 - (2 minutes)

VIDEO 2 - (3.47 minutes)