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About Us

We work in the non-profit world for a simple reason: in no other area can we do as much good. From early in the morning until late at night, we’re driven by the passion and enthusiasm of our clients, and we match that passion and enthusiasm with our own.

We provide you with in-depth analysis and business planning yet still capture the bird’s-eye view, the big picture. After the plan is set, we drill down into every detail of the implementation. And we have done this since our firm’s founding in 1995.

And we’re the only fundraising firm in New York City that tracks and publicly reports our return on investment (ROI) for every client that joins us as a fundraising partner. For every dollar our clients spend with us, we show what they have received in return, and we make that information public.

More importantly, we understand that every aspect of an organization — its leadership, its operations, its mission, its fundraising — does not exist in a vacuum. All must be aligned and work together, which is why we bring the knowledge, expertise and experience to be an invaluable resource in each one of those areas.

As you know, there is an incredible satisfaction in making the world, or at least one small corner of it, a better place. Let’s work together to make the corner bigger.

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