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About Us

Baber Technical Consulting offers technical support for non-profits and local government agencies in the San Francsico Bay Area under the banner of "Sensible IT". Founded in 1993, the firm provides IT services to firms with up to 150 employees, including planning, systems integration, and systems implementation. Its "Sensible IT" offering is driven by a multi-year IT strategy aligned with business priorities and focused on cost control, security, and productivity rather than technology fads or your IT vendor's sales goals. The company seeks to be a trusted partner for its clients, and it holds itself to a fiduciary responsibility to advise its clients and protect their assets, considering its clients' interests ahead of its own. The firm employs a staff comparable to an IT department of 6 to 10 people and offers its clients the benefits of fractional staffing according to their needs, designing integrated IT services at a fraction of the cost of staffing a full IT department. Project management and software development add significant value when compared to the services of a typical IT service provider offering only network, hardware, and phone system support.
We now have 11 employees, and we continue to expand our client base and expertise. We understand the constraints and dedication to mission that shape our client’s needs, and we support them to support the work they do. Our clients range from community centers and food banks to policy and advocacy groups and even include a local university and water utility. We are a Microsoft-oriented provider and have a deep knowledge of running Microsoft networks, Exchange e-mail, Windows desktops, SQL Server, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV. We can provide in-depth business analysis, and short- and long-term project management and IT planning services. We can help with your Office 365 implementation, Azure migration, or CRM, EHR, or ERP implementation. Our new GIS division utilizes ESRI’s products to produce cutting edge maps that can help you both allocate resources and map your impact and effectiveness. If you're ready to take the next step up in sophisticated, effective IT management, please contact us at to see how Baber Technical can help you with your technology needs.