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About Us

Bertha Philanthropies provides philanthropic advisory services the Bertha Foundation in Geneva.

The Bertha Foundation supports forms of activism that aim to bring about positive social change and champions those using media, law and enterprise as tools to achieve their vision. We envision a society where stories come from many different voices, where law is used as a tool for justice and where business delivers positive social impact (

We work with a network of people who we believe can change the world - activists working with storytellers and lawyers. While powerful on their own, we also look for opportunities for leaders to collaborate across portfolios.

Four pillars support Bertha Foundation's mission to create more progressive and just societies; Activism, Media, Law and Enterprise.

We believe philanthropy is more art than science, and we focus on people with a clear vision for change. We try to be trailblazers in finding daring opportunities that can create positive change.