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About Us

won·der·work noun, definition: A marvelous or miraculous act, work, or achievement. A marvel.

We live for unleashing genius.

We’re agents of change on a mission to create conscious leaders and organizations for good.

We are conscious capitalists who believe in the massive positive impact individuals, teams, and big-scale collaborations can achieve in our world.

We love the magic of process and the thrill of results.

We know there’s always a better way. We thrive on bringing it to life.

We value creative tension, authentic connection, and engaged alignment to shared purpose.

We believe curiosity invites fresh possibilities, play creates clarity, and honesty rules.

In our combined 40+ years’ experience working with individuals and teams, we’ve learned what it takes to bring your wonderworks to life. And there are two crucial elements: behaviors and structures.

Behaviors are like the software of your organization. The make-or-break processes of collaborative communication. The living, breathing spark of conscious change.

Structures are like the hardware of your organization. Your organizational beams and struts. The operating systems of power and decision-making.

Sustainable success demands both thoughtful structures and conscious behaviors. Driveshaft and fuel.

We’ve cracked the code for implementing both structures and behaviors in conscious, purpose-driven enterprises. We searched high and low. We learned through big leaps and ongoing dedication. We’ve dedicated our lives to identifying, mastering, and harnessing the very best processes and practices for sustainable success.

Our mission:

To inspire purpose-driven individuals and teams to light up with creative genius and make real, positive change in the world.

Our offerings:

  • Holacracy® Implementations
  • Conscious Leadership Coaching
  • Live and Virtual Trainings