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About Us

About BuildingBlox Consulting

BuildingBlox ( has a strong and proven track record of helping some of the leading Bay Area not for profits plan for and execute capital and other major gift campaigns. We also offer private and public trainings to help attendees become more effective fundraisers and work with clients on strategic planning projects. 

The world is full of challenges and opportunities.  And many of the changes we want to see can only be achieved when people, motivated by a shared vision and values, work together. But a lot of nonprofit organizations aren’t reaching their highest potential because they don’t have the resources they need. BuildingBlox Consulting studies and teaches the best practices of nonprofit organizations.

We coach leaders, help them clarify mission and strategy and demystify fundraising. When the organizations we work with succeed, they celebrate audacious generosity and are infused with a culture of philanthropy. And the impactful work they do is done with passion and purpose.

BuildingBlox is headquartered in a casual yet professional home office in the Inner Richmond District of San Francisco with an energetic, fun and purposely small team (including the BBC mascot, Annie the poodle).