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About Us

Are you looking to make HR a strategic part of your nonprofit but don’t know where to begin? If so, let me help you! Whether you are looking to develop a more strategic talent acquisition and on-boarding process, a competitive compensation structure to reward your hardworking staff , or a performance management plan that encourages employee development, I’m here to help educate you on the value HR can bring to your organization. Investing in your employees should be just as strategic as investing in the communities you serve.

My Mission:

My mission is to help your organization succeed in the way you invest in your human capital by helping you developing new HR programs or by improving the processes that you already have. Work is where we spend most of our time so employees, so why not make it a place where employees feel excited, engaged, rewarded, and purposeful?


Compassion – My compassion for others complements the way that I conduct business.I strive create a positive working relationship with my clients that is built on compassion, kindness, and trust.

Integrity – Integrity is who you are when no one else is looking and I am committed to doing the right thing no matter what.

Accuracy Over Speed- In a world where everyone is in a hurry to get things done as fast they can, I have learned the beauty of slowing down to focus on the details. I choose to have peace over chaos in the way that I work.