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About Us

MICROMZ is a 100% ownded by woman and youth, is a micro finance service provider, we are the only in Mozambique that offer services to the sector at no cost.

The MICROMZ started its oparations in 1999, and has since then supported over 100 microfinance institutions and organization with clear intetions to support the rural development.

The MICROMZ integrated the Da Silva Solutions as a project in 2008 and its management was given to OPL (Organizações Preto Laranja) in 2009 and it became an independent institution in 2010, currently the MICROMZ is registered as a company, dedicated to the rural and suburban development in Mozambique and Africa.

With the concept, we give the opportunity to all organizations and institutions that have clear objectives; to promote and facilitate financial inclusion, health, food security, environmental protection, equal rights and woman and youth empowerment, to benefit from all the services that our group and partners offer at low cost or at no cost at all.

The MICROMZ is part of the One-Stop-Shop Group a simple and clear reality; we have 17 partnerships in Mozambique, 6 representations in Africa, 72 points of acquisition worldwide, this and other results are possible thanks to the high skilled, qualified and dedicated human resources, equipment and high tech systems, contacts and agreements with  factories and suppliers.