Speak Forth, LLC.

  • NY

About Us

Speak Forth is a progressive communications company. We exist to enable you to communicate at your best (i.e., speaking, writing, et al.) and to go forth and succeed. It was envisioned by Janelle Simmons after she came to the conclusion that many have a voice and many have a vision but lack the means to articulate their vision by using their voice.

Some services available are as follows;

*Coaching clients in public speaking
*Teaching public speaking skills
*Editing documents, papers, resumes, etc.
*Copyediting Services
*Professional Resume Writing
*Aiding Non-Profit Organizations

For consultations and quotes, contact  Janelle Simmons at SpeakForthLLC@gmail.com

IN REMEMBERANCE: Speak Forth was founded on August 12, 2012 in rememberance of Marc Hogi...he would have been 40 years old on August 12, 2012.