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About Us

4socialgoodτм is a partnership of corporate business, social media experts, writers, and world changers like You. We promote the individual project of a nonprofit’s organization with strategic targeting, focus, outreach, and social media promotion until the funding goal is achieved.

4socialgoodτм vets all organizations thoroughly and upholds strict policies to assure that a minimum $.95 of every dollar goes DIRECTLY to the intended project and DIRECTLY into the account of the nonprofit you choose to support.

No fees are deducted by 4socialgoodτм in the donation process. NONE. In order to maximize the efforts of the nonprofit/world changer and allow maximum time to focus on completing their project, our team sacrificially donates their time and effort to promote them. Thus, removing the nonprofit's need to fundraise. Just one more way we choose to be part of the growing effort to make a difference in this world - 4socialgood.