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About Us

Live & Learn, Inc. provides public health research, consulting, and knowledge translation services. Based in California, Live & Learn, Inc. aims to improve the mental health and social welfare of communities across the nation and the globe. Our clients and partners include organizations and institutions in research, advocacy, policy, and direct service who are dedicated to public mental health.


Live & Learn works with public health system stakeholders to conduct applied research and policy projects that have a measurable impact on the mental health of service users, families, and communities and advance social change globally. We specialize in the inclusion of those who have personally struggled with their mental health in these projects.


Live & Learn brings the entrepreneurial spirit to synthesizing lived experience with learned expertise: a passion for seeking out high-influence opportunities that redefine the status quo in behavioral health services and policy.


On all projects, we partner with community-based organizations, governments, and researchers to maximize what we can learn from each other. Most of our collaborations are based on long-term, reciprocal relationships with our partners, with whom power and influence is shared.


In collaboration with these partners, we conduct projects that generate and disseminate actionable information related to workforce development, program implementation/sustainability, and service user experiences.