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About Us

DeansList streamlines day-to-day school operations and helps educators use data to drive student success.  


We specifically focus on fundamental non-academic issues like:

  • attendance - rooting out chronic absenteeism and ensuring students show up ready to learn every day
  • family engagement - keeping parents informed about what's going on at school so they can do their best to help their children succeed
  • behavior/discipline - addressing chronic issues using data and set students on a path for success, and to help schools ensure they treat students equally regardless of disability or demographics


At DeansList, we understand that every school is unique, and our platform is incredibly customizable, giving administrators the ability to innovate and implement successful systems without adding tedious busy-work for their staff.  95% of the schools we work with serve low-income and under-served populations, where the opportunity to use technology to drive change is the greatest.