Global Guidance Initiative

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About Us

Our Vision is to assist communities in emerging-world countries to improve and stabilize their lives and well-being by addressing the two most basic of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs―Physical Needs and Safety―through programs in agriculture, food management, health care, water and waste treatment, and other infrastructure undertakings.

OurMissionis to partner with leading institutions to offer proven training in sustainable practices by using international aid and trade missions to create “train the trainer” programs that produce expert facilitators, who in turn pass on to their neighbors in their home countries their knowledge, tools, resources and methods for creating sustainable solutions and building healthier, more resilient communities.

Our prime area of interest at present is Operation: Food Insecurity Initiatives. This is a fast-track program to train trainers in local community farming in order to establish “Victory Gardens” in “food deserts” and teach individuals and communities better practices for growing food to supply their own needs as well as those of their larger community. Our goal is to mitigate food insecurity (people not being able to feed themselves or their families) by providing a program that allows them to become self-sustaining.