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About Us

Amilia is an amazing service allowing practically ANY social group to do all of the following in one place online, all via a turn-key - 'in the cloud' service (meaning the organization and it's constituents can access it from any internet connection:

Take online payments for virtually anything they need ALL IN ONE SIMPLE PLACE- such as Membership fee's, paying for Activities, making a Donation, buying something from their online store etc

Have ALL financial records, communication platform and intelligent back office available to anyone with the administrator log in - whether they are a computer whizz, or a beginner on the internet - our platform is designed to make ANY organization's administration MUCH simpler.

Whether organizations are looking to manage memberships, promote activities and events, collect payments online or anything in between, Amilia has the tools they'll need to take care of their business anytime, anywhere.

The Amilia platform is entirely web-based, which means you stay connected to your organization's information and members around the clock, wherever you are.

We give organizations the tools needed to manage everything from finances and transactions to promotions and donations.

Amilia gives access to a fully implemented and fully secure platform, so clients don't have to worry about costly and complex installations or upkeep.

We are now dividing the United States into territories - and looking for the right kind of people who wish to supplement their income, by doing something fun, useful and financially rewarding.