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About Us

LegiStorm was founded to bring greater transparency to the inner workings of Capitol Hill. We are committed to creating information products that make American democracy more accessible to all.

A powerful tool for engaged citizens who seek to affect the levers of power and the grassroots organizations that represent them, LegiStorm provides information on how members of Congress spend taxpayer money on salaries and expenses, their personal financial interests, how they used the earmarking practice and who is sponsoring their travel around the globe.

LegiStorm Pro, our subscription-based congressional staff intelligence service, provides the deepest, most accurate and up-to-date information on members of Congress and their staff available anywhere. We provide a significant discount to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization subscribers.

LegiStorm Pro/Pro Premium subscribers can set up email alerts to get real-time notifications of new reports, hearings, town halls, press releases and tweets about the policy issues they track then find the people who can advance their causes using our unique, real-time congressional staff directory service – complete with legislative issues covered, contact information like phone numbers and verified email addresses, social media links and rich biographical details including staffer photos, salary and employment history, educational history, privately funded travel disclosures and much more. LegiStorm Pro makes it easy for organizations to build contact lists, track Capitol Hill interactions and deploy their advocates to the town halls where their voices can be heard.

Fiercely nonpartisan, LegiStorm Pro is the citizen advocate's answer to who's who on Capitol Hill.