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About Us

2Revolutions (www.2revolutions.net) is an education design lab that specializes in designing and launching “Future of Learning” models and helping to catalyze the conditions within which they can thrive. We work with forward thinking governments, foundations and entrepreneurs (for-profit and non-profit) to build and transition toward the Future of Learning.

Unlike traditional learning models – where education typically happens to students – we are working to develop new models that leverage technology to personalize learning for every student at lower costs. 2Rev is working in new and existing schools; at different grade levels; in district, charter and parochial schools; and in formal and informal settings where learning occurs. Because our work touches the multiple levels of school, district, network and state in Early Childhood, K12, Postsecondary and Workforce Development, we think about the conditions, or the systems, necessary to scale and foment this level of innovation.

Everything we do is built upon the principles of integrative design – which recognizes that complex issues cannot be solved by focusing on one element at a time. Rather than sell canned “solutions” we work collaboratively with our partners to solve specific problems. We view our portfolio as a form of action research on how new learning systems will need to work for all students in the coming decades.

To support the work of our core team, 2Rev maintains a Talent Cloud™ – a flexible supply of superior talent that can be combined in different ways to draw upon the knowledge, skills and experience needed to solve specific problems. We also look for passion. We believe that professionals who do what they love (ourselves included) are happier, more creative, and more productive. This helps us generate superior outcomes. Join us to do what you love, for good!