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About Us

Our core passion is to make a difference in people's lives with the events that we produce and projects that wemanage.

Agent of Change was born out of one moment, conceived over 20 years of service in the event production industry. After taking a breath and a step back we realized something was missing, some purpose of ours still went unfulfilled. Swelling with knowledge and thirsty for revolution we wondered, can the world change with just us? We punched our last time card, rolled up our sleeves, and set forth to find out.

Today we’ve unveiled a new way to bring people together. Servicing the philanthropic, film, music, political, and wellness industries, we are a full service agency making an impact. Agent of Change is dedicated to the potential of tomorrow and the tenacity that charges it forward. Connecting people with resources, support, and their dreams is how we’re doing it everyday, with every moment.