Panorama Education

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United States

About Us

Panorama works with schools to find data-driven solutions to their most pressing problems. We help schools improve teaching, increase student and parent engagement, attract and retain great teachers, and foster a positive campus culture by curating feedback from students, parents, teachers, and staff.

Fundamentally, Panorama believe the importance of education hasn't yet been reflected in the tools people have built for educators. A quick glance at most school-focused applications reveals confusing interfaces, shoddy engineering, and needless inflexibility—all with exorbitant price tags. We feel a responsibility to provide high quality tools that improve education while that are useful and low-cost for every school district.

Ultimately, Panorama wants to helps schools improve by giving educators the technology and data analysis that they need and deserve. We believe our dedication to our mission is one of our greatest strengths because too often companies in education do the bare minimum to help educators. Since we are constantly talking to the 3600 schools we work with we can actually build the products and features that they want and need to help their schools. Schools love us for our mission, and we'll make sure it always stays that way.