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About Us

Our Mission
intellegō Consulting Services provides organizations and communities customized solutions to understand and change their world.

Our Values

  • Client Commitment: We are dedicated to satisfying your needs and honoring the commitments we have made to you
  • Courage: It allows us to step beyond the threshold of fear, and invite you to join us, in asking the difficult questions that transformation, growth and success demand
  • Flexibility: We will maintain the flexibility and adaptability that change and progress require
  • Integrity: Our word is our bond. Success depends on maintaining above-par ethical and moral standards around the world. Directness, accountability and responsibility go hand-in-hand with integrity, making sure you receive the highest quality services possible.
  • Leadership, Inspiration, and Positive Change: We strive to lead, inspire and foster positive social change.
  • Sustainability, Justice, and Compassion: We believe in a society whose guiding principles include: environmental sustainability, social justice and compassion for all living creatures and recognize our social, cultural, environmental and ethical responsibility to the communities in which we work and live.
  • Strength in Diversity: We recognize that differences in age, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, physical ability, thinking style and background inform and enhance our work and success. They allow us to connect better with the needs of our clients, and the organizations and communities we serve.
  • Understanding and Communication: The core of success lies in understanding and conveying the nature and significance of the different variables affecting the results you desire.