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About Us

Schoolzilla turns data into insight.

Unlike most education companies, Schoolzilla was forged within a school system. We spent five years as part of Aspire Public Schools - one of the nation’s top performing school systems serving low-income students - closely collaborating with educators to “solve the data problem.” We iterated until our teachers and administrators told us we got it right, and in the process we built a best-in-class data warehousing, analytics and reporting solution for K-12.

Word of our success spread, and we kept getting requests to share the best practices and technology we developed with other school systems. We heard the call, and in early 2013 Schoolzilla spun out of Aspire to become an independent, mission-driven organization. Since then, we’ve helped thousands of teachers, leaders and data analysts save time, gain critical insight and leverage all their data to drive action and change students’ lives.

We know your students depend on you every day, and we’re committed to being a part of your success. Please get in touch to learn more - and thanks for all you do.