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About Us

Daniel Lim Consulting uses the lens of living systems theory, commonly called systems thinking, to support self-management, organizational learning, and social justice in organizations.

In our Self-Management line of work, we draw powerful insights from the biological and ecological sciences on how nature organizes living systems and apply them to human organizations. We specifically help organizations transition towards a self-management model in which top-down hierarchies and command-and-control structures are replaced by autonomous workers who design and perform work guided by purpose and accountability.

In our Organizational Learning line of work, we teach systems thinking as a consciousness as well as suite of strategic tools to help organizations gain a deep understanding of complex issues and to develop coordinated systemic solutions that create long-lasting change while mitigating unintended consequences.

In our Social Justice line of work, we embrace a systems understanding of the issues of diversity, inclusion and equity and work with organizations to address systems of privilege and oppression. We help organizations build a "social justice culture" in which they learn to practice affirmative recruitment and hiring practices, build safe space in their work environments, develop clear paths for success and advancement for people of marginalized identities, and align their overall work with social justice values.

Daniel Lim Consulting mainly works with organizations in the social sector. Our recent projects involved academic institutions, art and design organizations, nonprofits and community organizations.