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About Us

Capitol Impact, LLC is a Sacramento based consulting firm dedicated to improving policy and practice in California, with a particular emphasis on public education. The firm's scope of practice is in two distinct areas – (1) policy development and (2) project management and implementation.

Capitol Impact helps organizations increase their policy expertise by assisting in developing and supporting a policy agenda through specific non-lobbying activities. Capitol Impact also provides project management and implementation services. As a relatively small and flexible firm, Capitol Impact prides itself on meeting the varying needs of our clients in a timely and responsive manner. We look forward to discussing with you how we can best support your organization's goals.

Areas of expertise include:

Strategic advice to formulate a policy agenda

  • Create a policy agenda reflecting your mission and public policy goals
  • Create a strategy to achieve those goals and meet regularly to review progress

Strategic collaborations

  • Create collaborations with like-minded organizations – including philanthropic, non-profit, and community-based groups – for greater policy-making impact

Access to policymakers and opinion leaders

  • Organize meetings with legislators and policymakers on issues of critical concern
  • Seek philanthropy-funded research when appropriate

Public affairs and media relations services

  • Write and place op-ed pieces and letters to the editor
  • Generate media coverage of foundation-funded research
  • Create a strong message regarding your organization's policy agenda

Critical policy data

  • Provide analysis of data in public policy areas that have not been performed by state agencies or other research organizations
  • Assist with the creation of databases on policy issues aligned to your organization's policy initiatives

Assessment of policy trends and legislative action

  • Provide timely analysis of current policy and legislation
  • Advise when research and other types of support can be beneficial in supporting specific policy directions
  • Focus on strategic issues and arrange for testimony at legislative hearings

Facilitation and project management

  • Plan and implement training programs. For the past 4 years, Capitol Impact has planned and implemented a training program for a cohort of 25 legislative K-12 education staff. Two years ago, the project expanded to include higher education and this year expanded further to encompass health and fiscal/governance policy. As a primary institution of legislative staff training, Capitol Impact is responsible for curriculum planning, participant outreach, Advisory Committee support, and overall facilitation of the project.
  • Organize educational events. Capitol Impact has organized a number of educational events for the Legislature and Administration, as well as other stakeholders. Capitol Impact organized and facilitated Enhancing Student Success: A Convening of Key Community College Stakeholders, an event at McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento that brought together over 100 education, business and community stakeholders for a discussion of policy ideas to increase community college student success.
  • Manage education leadership projects. Capitol Impact is managing a project to advance a major leadership initiative on community college student success for the next gubernatorial administration.