Quicksand Design Studio

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About Us

Quicksand started in early 2005 as a group of four friends with disparate backgrounds in business, film and design but a shared goal of bringing these diverse perspectives to professional practice.

Over the years, our belief in multi-disciplinary collaborations – as a means of driving more meaningful and sustainable work, while being the most enriching form of education for ourselves – has become firmer and spawned three studios across Delhi, Gurgaon and Bangalore. Each of these studios has a unique character but is connected to the other through a set of passionate people anchoring independent practices.

Quicksand is now a multi-disciplinary innovation consultancy, bringing user-centered design principles to the core of any innovation effort. We have successfully delivered on several new services, products, brands and developmental strategies, creating both measurable social and business impact. Our engagements have been with

- international foundations & multi-lateral agencies (Gates Foundation, PATH, UNDP),

- technology giants (Cisco, Google),

- consumer brands (Coca-Cola, Reebok, Fritolay),

- domestic conglomerates (Reliance, Wipro),

- design studios & professionals (Ideo, Studio Red, John Thackara) and

- educational institutions (IIM Ahmedabad, NIFT Delhi, Design Academy Eindhoven).

Quicksand starts with an inside-out approach – one that begins with the possibilities and constraints of what is within, and ends with a connection to what is outside.

Quicksand across all its studios, is set up as a space that encourages open and unrestrained collaboration between business, design, technology, art and research. A large part of being multi-disciplinary is in nurturing individual perspectives within the studio – of visual arts, design, management, technology, social sciences and potentially many others. Independent work gives us the avenue to nurture and build a perspective that is authentic and that can drive the consulting practice. It's also a great way of learning to live and work together.