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About Us

Digital Marketing for Mission Driven Organizations

Donor Swell helps charitable organizations attract new online donors and re-engage current donors and volunteers through the strategic use of digital marketing. We provide digital marketing assessment, strategy, content and campaigns exclusively to mission driven organizations.

If you have one of these questions, we can help you:

  • How can we attract online donors?
  • Many people come to our website, but how can we help people to learn about our mission and core programs, and then donate?
  • Are we doing social media correctly? What should we be posting and why? Are our social media advertisements effective?
  • How can we use video for fundraising?
  • Are our email campaigns and send outs effective? What are we doing right, what can be improved?
  • How can people find us online easier?
  • What is our best approach and content for online advertising?
  • How can we differentiate ourselves from other similar nonprofits?
  • Our donor base is aging, what can we do to get younger donors?

We are a Seattle based digital marketing consulting firm that brings corporate revenue generating strategies to the nonprofit world. We are focused on helping nonprofits evolve to use the web for fundraising by amplifying their mission to reach new people, and engaging their donor base.

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