Bankable Frontier Associates

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About Us

BFA is a global strategy consulting firm delivering actionable solutions with impactful results that drive broad, sustainable access to financial services.

We guide clients through the risks and complexities of tight profit margins, fickle customers, new technologies, and regulatory options so they fashion appropriate responses-whether competitive strategies for product introductions or research studies and policy recommendations. We advise government, financial and payments services providers, and donors on the frontier issues that benefit and challenge their business models, policies, and approaches to promoting and providing financial services: alternative distribution channels, business strategy, consumer insights and marketing, going cash lite, policy and financial regulation, and product development, across the globe. Clients approach us to for unique solutions and thought leadership, tailored to their market, customer, and financial needs.  From conducting research for international organizations and private foundations to evaluate the latest trends in financial services to advising market-leading commercial banks on new financial products and delivery channels to increase market share, BFA provides a holistic approach to tackle clients’ biggest challenges and seize the opportunities.