Blue Mouse Monkey Inc.

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2505 SE 11th, #271
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About Us

Blue Mouse Monkey partners with change-maker organizations to help them effectively communicate their knowledge, purpose and value to the community. It is our driving motivation to help our clients articulate their purpose, connect with their audiences, and thus amplify the value of their work.

Our woman led team, aims to make each project a positive, collaborative process. We won’t overwhelm you with geek-speak or force your brand or website into some pre-packaged set of arbitrary constraints. At all times we prioritize the connection between your mission and your audiences.

We guide you through strategy and planning, design iterations (logo, print, web, as needed), content creation, focus group, training in website maintenance, and preparing for the project launch. We make sure you’re informed and feel comfortable about each decision along the way, and if you have questions or concerns afterwards, we’re always here to help.