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About Us

Raimi + Associates is an urban planning, research, and evaluation firm founded in 2006 to pursue projects with an explicit focus on community health, sustainable neighborhoods, and social equity. We believe that by providing a range of consulting services, we can plan for, assess, design, and evaluate programs and initiatives that will make communities healthier, sustainable, and equitable.  Our services include urban planning, urban design, sustainability/climate change, public health, community engagement, strategic planning, assessment, and program evaluation. Our service areas include:
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Data Collection, Mapping & Analysis
  • Process and Outcome Evaluation
  • Community Change Evaluation
  • Technical Assistance and Trainings
  • Health Assessments
  • Health Impact Assessments (HIA)
  • Health in All Policies Processes
  • Strategic Planning
  • Policy Development
  • Facilitation of Health Committees & Community Coalitions
  • Healthy Development Review Checklists
  • Health and Wellness Elements for City and County General Plans

We are nationally recognized for our commitment to elevating community health in all aspects of our work. We view community health broadly, and seek to integrate a cross-sector perspective into all of our projects.  We understand how a range of factors—or “social determinants of health”—affect the health of communities (e.g., socio-economic conditions, education, access to health care, public safety, discrimination, social support, etc.).  We utilize our urban planning and research expertise to examine issues such as health care, mental health, access to healthy food, pedestrian and bicycle access, environmental justice, economic equity, housing, as well as climate change and adaptation, among others.

For more information about us and what we do, please visit www.raimiassociates.com.