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About Us

Idea O.K. Training and Consulting is a consulting company offering high quality services in Organizational Development and Management, Project Development and Assessment Analysis, Community Development with focus on Rural Development, and Technical Training within the non-profit sector and government institutions. The high level of competence, years of experience and the courage for innovation make Idea O.K. the undisputed leader in the field of management development in Central & Eastern Europe. Idea O.K. is actively involved in shaping corporate development with its tailor-made staff development programs. Different training methodologies and materials are developed for a variety of fields of personal and organizational development, management and leadership development, included but not limited to communication, negotiations, presentation, leadership, team building, sales, customer service, human resources, business planning, project management, conflict management, change management, self-esteem, coaching, etc.

Idea OK is a pioneer in Macedonia in developing initiatives and provision of tailor made consultancy and training in the field of rural development, focusing of capacity building and mobilization of local resources through utilization of LEADER approach. Idea O.K. has trained and qualified staff with the ability to apply their expertise to a wide range of client needs in these core areas and beyond, including the provision of high quality technical editing services. Clients are offered a range of quantitative and qualitative skills firmly based in scientific methodology and a reputation for timely and effective work. Idea O.K. prides itself on a proactive approach to client relationships and offers tailored services for each project bringing knowledge, experience, and professionalism to every job.
Idea O.K. brings a blend of experience and knowledge which will ensure that the key objectives of the given assignment will be fully achieved.
The members of the Team of experts of Idea O.K. are experienced professionals and have an extensive practice in Management training and consulting, providing consultancy services and tailor made trainings for various NGOs or government entities in the Republic of Macedonia, related to economic development and business planning, strategic business development, sales, finance, marketing as well as organizational development, program/project management and Political advising and analysis on local level.
The Company prides itself on a proactive approach to client relationships and offers tailored services to each project we implement, bringing knowledge, experience, and professionalism to every job. The clients had the opportunity to learn and develop their capacities from the well-balanced expertise of the Company pool of consultants/trainers that bring knowledge and hands-on experience both internationally and in the Republic of Macedonia.